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"They tried to bury us, they didn’t know we were seeds." - Mexican proverb Seedstars is a Swiss-based group with the mission to impact people’s lives in emerging markets through technology and entrepreneurship, with a particular focus on the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. Seedstars connects stakeholders, builds companies from scratch with public and private partners and invests in high-growth ventures within these ecosystems. Seedstars aims at fostering impact investing and impact entrepreneurship over the world. Through different activities, that range from venture scouting, events organization to company building and entrepreneurial education programs, Seedstars has built the world's biggest community of changemakers in emerging markets. Seedstars group includes the largest entrepreneurship competition in emerging markets (Seedstars World Competition), the Entrepreneurship Forum for Emerging Markets (Seedstars Summit), physical entrepreneurship hubs (Seedspace), acceleration and growth programs (Seedstars Programs) and a venture capital fund (Seedstars Investments). Over the years, Seedstars has worked with a number of global partners such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. There have also been collaborations with organizations including the UN, UNDP, World Bank, Africa Development Bank, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Jacobs Foundation, and Shell Foundation. Seedstars mission to make an impact in numerous sectors, have also included partnerships with Santander (Finance), Lastminute (Travel), Enel (Energy), School of Management Fribourg (HEG Fribourg) & TRECC - Transforming Education in Cocoa Communities (Education), BBVA (Finance), Tag Heuer (Fempreneurship, Time Saving and Innovation), Merck (Health) and Continental (Mobility).