VivaTech 2024


Increasingly digital and connected, the technological solutions we use every day are also creating new vulnerabilities. 

- How can we fight cybercrime? 
- What is the role of quantum computing in making our systems safe? 
- And does privacy still exist?

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The Future of Cybersecurity

With cyber threats evolving rapidly, the future of cybersecurity is always changing. We discuss the newest trends in the field from blockchain to quantum computing.
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Why Your Boss Needs to Send You to VivaTech

You want to come to Viva Technology 2023, but don’t know how to persuade your boss. Here are the top reasons why you should be here. See you in June!
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The Hot Topics VivaTech is Following This Year

As VivaTech approaches, what topics will drive our speakers and discussions? Take a peek at this year’s official conference tracks.
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