VivaTech 2024 DEV

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There will be restaurants and cafes inside the hall and 14 food trucks lined up outside Hall 1 to purchase your lunch and drinks. From French sandwiches and pastries to Latin, Thai and Indian cuisine there is a little something for everyone's taste. Water bottles are encouraged as well; there are plenty of water fountains inside and outside the hall to refill to your heart's content and to help us in reducting our waste!

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Foodtrucks will be located inside the hall and at the entrance outside Hall 1.

7 Foodtrucks Rue des techniques

Alto Café

El Coche

Totin : Sandwich français

A la tête du client : Bistronomie

Maison de la Poutine : Poutines 

Nolita : Burgers

7 Foodtrucks Gates S to T

Le comptoir indien : Indien

Alto Café x2

Cheesers : Grilled Cheese

So Food Toit

Thaïmin : Thaïlandais

Krispy Koreen

Le Cousin Mouton : Burgers & Grilled Cheese